Ideal for websites where the client can change the content, menus, texts, photos, etc. .. without having to know anything about programming.Dynamic web pages are scheduled pages that work with a database. All the images, texts, menus, are linked to each other through a control panel with restricted access from which you can register, edit or delete news, articles, photos, etc. …

It is perfect if the client believes that it is going to change the contents of the web habitually.

Ideal for corporate websites, online stores, media, blogs, intranets, restaurants that change the daily menu, etc … The list of examples is extensive and varied.

Hosting or hosting servers need more features than a static website, since they will increase content, texts, photographs, transfer of visits, etc … and require a more powerful and faster server, with a higher annual cost.

The client will always be able to make the modifications he wants, as many times as he wants and from any place on the planet earth, still when he has access to the control panel.

They are more complicated to create, and their cost increases concerning static webs and they are always customized and tailored according to the needs of the client.