Color Is A Web Element, Not Simple Decoration

You have to know about color theory to understand a little about the use of this in web design. We should not forget that when a particular color is used on a web page, there is usually a reasonably precise study behind it. Forget about using random ranges of colors and look for the meaning. Obviously, if we already have a previous corporate design job, this will be easier.

Use Icons Whenever You Can

The mobiles have imposed their law on web design and that in practice means that the use of symbols has increased exponentially. It is much easier to navigate through icons in a mobile version web than through text tabs. This is a fact, so use the images with intelligence. Also, in advance, you already know that your users know or relate what most icons mean.

Static Web Page

A static web is a set of HTML files and image files, CSS style sheets, JavaScript, which are linked together.These data are uploaded to the server via FTP.

The usual thing is that if you know HTML, JavaScript and CSS style sheets, these files are uploaded by the designer or webmaster of the website, both when you create the page for the first time and when you update the contents of it.

The changes should NEVER be done by the client because there are dangerous chances of the web loading and ceasing to be operative.They usually are web pages that are faster to load in our browser.Ideal for small or small projects that do not need to periodically change the content of the website: small businesses or SMEs, advertising websites, microsites, landing pages, etc …

It is recommended that the web page format is on servers or companies hosting that offer the necessary hosting service, the cheapest. We do not need to pay more for a server with more benefits because it is useless, but to spend money without any need to do so. In short, if your business does not need to update photos, texts, and content, it is the perfect option. And even if they are only going to be modified annually from 3 to 5 times. This implies an annual maintenance cost with the company that makes the website that is economically cheap. InUrsan Industrial Communication Services offer customized hosting packages, tailored to the client.